My next creative writing class starts March 12, 2019 right here at my studio.

7th Street Studios, 21b North 7th Street, Perkasie, PA

Creative Writing Fiction Workshop
Starts on Tuesday Mar 12, 2019
6 Weeks
This course is meant to spark your literary interests, talents, and inclinations, so that you can walk away with a clearer image of who you are – or rather, who you might be – as a writer. This applies to everyone, from those who might have never written before, to those who are fairly decided on their preferred forms of writing, and everyone in between. You will read a fair amount of short stories and poems, and then write your own. You will critique the works of your classmates, and help one another on this path of self-discovery and skill improvement. And if you enjoy the crafts of fiction and poetry, rest assured: you will have a great time. We will discuss passion, habit and raw ideas. We will then learn to outline refined ideas, create dynamic characters, plots, and organize them into a story. We will be critiquing. Each class will have a purpose with a legitimate outline. Be ready to share your ideas with the class. Constructive criticism is a large part of this course. Be prepared to edit, give and receive feedback, and overall, learn how to be a better writer. The studio is up a flight of stairs. If you should need help carrying anything, please let me know. We will supply chairs. They are metal standard folding chairs. Please feel free to bring a more comfortable chair to sit in, (like a camp chair) a pillow, comfortable wrap, or blanket. We want to be comfortable while we create our wonderful stories and words! Everyone who registers will be given a journal. Please bring your favorite writing implement and a computer if you wish. Most importantly, bring your ideas! There is fun in learning. There is joy in creating. This workshop is ideal for those who have never written, enjoy the occasional writing, or can’t quite get to the next step in your stories.
About Amanda Greenfield:
I am a contracted Romance Author with The Prospect agency in NY and a member of The Romance Writers of America. I study with Algonkian under the mentorship of Michael Neff, and have been to several writing retreats and pitch conferences in New York City where I have learned to hone my skill and study the market. I am an undergrad, soon to be grad, at Southern New Hampshire University, where I study Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction. I then wish to study further with a low residency masters degree in the same subject matter. I work for Central Bucks Schools, where I am an Education Assistant in the English Department.



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