I’m Mandy Greenfield. Local Artist and Author to Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. I am a great lover of the visual and written works of art. So much so, I tend to combine them.

In my paintings, my inspiration often comes from nature, my love of trees and mountains, painting often on wood surfaces to keep in with the sense of the harmony of nature; the circle of life.  Oceans are often apart of my art as well, reflecting my years growing up on the shores of New Jersey.

Often I find inspirations from classic works like Shakespeare, Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy and Edgar Allen Poe. These books, merely trash that people try and throw away, are gems, diamonds in the rough if you will. They often come from estate sales, used book stores and archival warehouses. Turning beautiful words into art is one of my passions. Archiving these beautiful words is one of my greatest accomplishments as an artist.

My stories are archaic love stories, created from suspenseful moments, bound together by dreams of salvation. Everyone wants to find their person. Some just go about it in interesting ways. Represented by The Prospect Agency of NY, I hope to be a regular published author soon.