Current Works in Progress

Mandy has a work finished and currently awaiting publication.

Exposing Maggie is a though provoking look into the life of a single mother of two young sons. She is a business owner; confident, beautiful, and busy. Her life makes sense now, her troubled marriage behind her and her two young boys thriving. She has thrown herself into her photography business. She’s too busy, too involved to really worry about finding someone else.

That is, until someone else finds her. Declan is a handsome stranger who pops into her studio one day to hire her on a whim. She enjoys their banter and has no idea what she’s walking into when she agrees to meet him at his offices for a potential job.

Maggie, after all, has her boys to consider. Her life is crazy enough. But there is something about this man, this Declan. Irish brogue and all, he carries himself as if he owns the world, commands it even.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to have a second chance? To have something for herself?

Works in Progress include:

Moonlight, Montana

A Hollywood star finds his way out to a remote part of Montana as a way of escaping his life out west, where he runs into a rancher named Genevieve, who not only revives his will to keep moving, but brings back the passion he has been missing in his life.

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