Its Begins…

Good Afternoon Friends.

Here is the lowdown, downtown.

I am a writer, and have been since I was 8. I started journaling before it was popular and became a ‘thing’. I wrote because I loved to, needed to. I escaped in books. Found worlds I belonged in, simply for being me. I knew one day, when I was a grown up, I would write one of these things, these, books.

Problems. Got distracted as most people with A.D.D do….

Had three kids. Cried and drank a lot. Stayed married, thankfully, and lost a ton of money investing in these ‘kid’ things. But man, what a ride.

I drive a mini van, given though, it’s tricked out state, with custom plates and stickers (lets leave that for another evening of entertainment). But alas, there is a soccer ball in there. But it works. Lots of balls ride in that car given the number of males vs. females in this house. (4:1 eek)

I love sci fi. A great sci fi book is just balls to the wall, lets get drunk and go hunting fun, and one day I picked up one with a romantic twist. An author named Sylvia Day caught my eye with a great story about a dream warrior who falls in love with his ‘human’. Given there is a ton of sex in it, I was completely interested, given my likeness for he activity. I read more, and more of her work, which in turn allowed me to find others like her (You read THIS, so you should read THIS too…). 500 + books in the genre later, I think I finally found my face.

It’s still hard to explain to people what I write without them blushing, but it is fun to watch “ummmmsss….” and “Ohhh wows…” that come out of those conversations.

In my profession as an art instructor, I have talked about my book a lot….mainly because I was in the throes of writing it and really wanted people in my circle to anticipate it. It turned into many questions about when it will be published and by who.

While I finish it up and work on the publishing date, I made this blog so people of this persuasion can follow my writing journey and read some of the book along with me as I edit.

There will be offensive words. I curse. A lot. My blog nor my book is a family activity, and if it is, get a new family, that’s weird.

Here I go, in this great big world of “I have no idea what the hell I’m doing…” Join me for some beer, won’t you? I’ll need to be drunk through most of this.


Mandy Lou


Published by Mandy Greenfield

Writer. Studio Artist. Lover of animals. Sarcastic mama. Hiker. Visual thinker. Kilts and coffee. Funny person. Having fun doing anything inappropriate. Likes medium roller coasters.

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