Things No One Tells You When Your Kids Grow Up

  I have turned into one of those parents, that when I see any baby related post on social media, I feel the need to comment. “Try Mylicone drops!” Or, “A little dirt never hurt!” And my favorite, “You will miss this one day!” Now, I never wanted to be one of them, haven beenContinue reading “Things No One Tells You When Your Kids Grow Up”

You’re Going to Miss This! (I know. So shut up already. This is hard!)

I love Facebook. I’m on that shit all the time. I mean, like, a lot. I should probably see someone about it, like, a Facebook therapist. I’m ridiculous and I know it. After all, it’s Facebook where I get to see shit like this: C’mon. That’s awesome. But truth is, it keeps me sane. It’sContinue reading “You’re Going to Miss This! (I know. So shut up already. This is hard!)”

Dear, end-of-the-year-school-mom, I got you.

I almost told my home and school association to fu** off this week.  Hey, I give these people a TON of credit. They are there at every event, pushing forward to try and make elementary school a better place for all students. They are tireless moms, wayyy better humans than me, some even working fullContinue reading “Dear, end-of-the-year-school-mom, I got you.”

The Parenting Marathon–Stop Raising A@#holes

There is such a thing as too much. Yes. Yes, there is. What are you talking about Mandy? Well, gee, two visitors, let me tell you. Parenting is a marathon. A hard one. The longest one you will ever do. (And, for the record, I don’t run them, because, well, I enjoy food). We allContinue reading “The Parenting Marathon–Stop Raising A@#holes”