I’ll throw you a dirty bone…


…If you can handle it.

If your reading this with your kids, stop. Now. Never read this for or with your kids. If you do you may go to jail if someone catches you. I get dirty in this thing, there is a lot of explicit sex and I don’t apologize for any of it. Keeping in mind, if you enjoy this kind of thing, I will oblige your proverbial bad side and, shit, good side. Sex is good! Excellent even! Don’t let anyone tell you different. You have one life to live and bad sex doesn’t have to be a part of that equation. If your not enjoying it, someone ain’t doin’ it right, and its time to speak up.

“Move to the left, up a little, and to the right” are just some of the suggestions I can give you. And if it hurts their pride, can I suggest a cease fire so he understands your frustration?

Men are almost guaranteed, every time, a happy ending. Not us. Not even close. And it’s okay to say it. “I want my happy ending!” Demand he work just has hard for yours as you do for his. This is a partnership, and its an equal one, so step it up and get what you need. Bitches need happy endings!

No shame in it.

Enjoy your dirty side today!

And if you have to read a little smut to get there, then by gods read a little smut!

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Disclaimer: All material is subject to copyright. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, and incidents are wither the product of the authors imagination of are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, alive or dead, is entirely coincidental. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which have been used without permission. The publication/use of these trademarks is not authorizes, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners.

Some office sex for you today….


….Behind the door is a vast personal space that looks more like a hotel room than an office. There is a luxurious bed, decorated in earth tones and pops of red, several hanging TV’s on mute, a small stainless fridge, a bar of course, and from the far side a door opens, where hot steam erupts, and Declan walks out.

With nothing on.

His cock hanging in between his yummy hard thighs. Holy fuck.

“Good morning beautiful lady.” He saunters over to me. “You’re early. I haven’t had time to dress yet.” Im still fighting for breath as I drink in his lean hips, his muscular arms, his broad, sculpted chest, and his wet mussed hair. “I-I see that.”
“I just had a work out, since, well, I find myself frustrated lately and need something to keep myself, well, occupied.” He kisses my cheek and rounds me..raising an eyebrow to indicate his meaning. In three moves, he’s in front of me and he’s grasping the hem of my dress. He whips the dress off of me in one swoop and steps back

“Wow. You are more delectable now than in my dreams last night Maggie. I have had to wank off at least two more times thinking about coming in your tight, sexy body. And here you are…in a thong, in my private  quarters. Hmmm. Turn about for me.” His voice and slight brogue is intoxicating. I do as I am bid.

I feel on display. But I don’t care. Im a pile of goo after what he just said. I do a spin in my heels and my lacy thong and bra.
“Walk over to the bed and bend over. I want to see your ass.” I do as he bids gain (what happened to my spine? Oh, it’s back in bed…) and walk slowly, so I don’t trip in my horny stupor. I bend over, making sure to make a meal out of doing so, and slowly moving my ass back and forth for him to see.

I hear him walk over. But he doesn’t touch me. Arggg! “Do you like to be spanked Maggie?” Oh shit. What?

“You’re shaking your ass at me, taunting me after I’ve waiting all torturous night to have you. Do you think that’s good manners?”
As I set out to think about it, and all of a sudden there it is. A loud ‘SMACK!’ as his hand meets my rump. It makes me jump, but, to my surprise, I don’t hate it. “I-Im sorry….” The inspiration hits me and I think of the last word in that sentence…. “…sir.”

He sucks his breath in sharp and in a second flat, my panties are ripped off my body in a loud ‘SNAP!’ Im startled and jump. He smacks me again, but this time I don’t jump. I moan. I like it. I like what he does.

“She does like to be spanked…hmm.” I feel him behind me. He grabs my hips and squeezes. He starts rubbing his erection between my folds, slicking himself up for me. Im wet, soaking wet. For him. “Put your leg on the bed Mag.” I do, lifting my right leg and placing the bottom of my foot on the mattress, opening up myself more than if it were my knee on the mattress. He likes this apparently. I hear him hum in appreciation of the view I am giving him.

I feel his two fingers linger at my opening while he gently rims my clitoris. “Im going to take you now, and you’re going to enjoy…” He slams in to me, “Every. Last. Bit.” He says, in between thrusts. I am jolted forward each time and I find get enough gusto to speak. “Declan. Let me turn around, let me see you…” I plea. He stops and without leaving my body, he flips me and lowers me, coming down with me.
“You want to watch me fuck you? Very well then, gives me more time with those perfect tits of yours.” Grabbing a hold of my bra and yanking it down. He head nestled between them, “Hello ladies…” and he kisses them, making me giggle. He suckles on my nipples slowly, soft at first, then, harder and harder and at the same pace he is pistoning in and out, in and out.
Finally, he rears up grabbing my legs and moves them to the side holding them up, he really starts to give it to me. Im moaning, and thrashing…he starts to sweat. “Let me hear you Mag. This room is sound proofed, be as loud as you want. Let me hear you come for me as I fuck you.”
I could give a shit at this moment how ‘sound proofed’ this room was. I am lost, stolen to this mans need, to my own need, working again to a mind blowing orgasm. How am I going to work today after he effectively steals my strength?

He starts going faster, his balls slapping the top bottom of my buttocks. I see him lick his thumb and he brings it down to my clit and starts rubbing me…then flicking me, then rubbing me…oh lord, he’s going to kill me.

“Come for me. All over my cock. Come, Maggie. Do it now.” Oh lord. He really knows the moments to say that. I do. And it’s glorious, and loud and everything I needed from that moment. I feel like hot melted chocolate. Im crying now, tears driving down my face. Because I know, I really know, I cannot live without this. How did I ever live my life without this? Without this pleasure? I deserve it, I tell myself. And so does he.

“Oh god!’ I’m yelling, still. He grabs underneath my back and pulls my ass up, off the bed so I am looking up at his powerful frame. “Oh!” I say at his startled motion. It’s so much deeper now. “Fuck!” He yells, clearly getting me at the angle he wanted. He starts coming. So hard I can feel him in my body, warm, hot, powerful, just like the man above me. He pulls himself out of me mid orgasm and I realize it’s because his come is spilling it out of me. He grabs his cock in his hands and rubs the rest of his orgasm out on me, on my stomach, on my waiting pussy, everywhere, marking me. Marking me as his. His hand comes to rest on me, cupping my sex, inserting two lazy fingers where he just was, circling. Slowly.

He’s still breathing heavy when he says, “One more time. Do it one more time, so I can see you come apart under me.” Holy shit, he wants me to come again. Can I? He rubs my oversensitive clit with his thumb, with his two fingers in me. Lowering me down so I am half on the bed, half off, his other hand runs down my backside, bringing the semen he spilled on me with him. He circles my other hole, testing the area. Im nervous. Not much for anal sex, he senses my tense reaction. “I-I can’t Declan,…”

“Yes…Open and relax my Mag. Trust me…” He says, still keeping up with his ministrations. He then inserts a pinky in the puckered hole slowly, and it feels…foreign and a little strange. He starts to move his pinky in time with his other fingers. And soon I am lost to sensation. I roll my head from side to side moaning, out of control, my muscles tense and waiting for that surfacing orgasm to come crashing down on me. I don’t know if I can do this one more time.
“How does it feel baby?” Oh it’s good. It’s so good, but I can’t speak, so I moan, loudly as I arch my hips up.
“That good? Should I keep going?” I am lost still, but I manage to say, “Y-yes….please, Declan, please.” He smiles, perfect wife teeth lazily. He is so damn sexy.

I’m close, he’s going faster, and then, there is pressure, he pushes down with his thumb as he pushes in with his fingers at the same time. His pinky goes in all the way, sending me crashing, over and over, and I can’t help it I scream. “Oh My GOD!! Declan! Holy Fuck!” In-between moans. I can feel my muscles pulsate over his fingers that still haven’t moved. He removes his fingers and slides his erect cock in me, he removes his pinky as I am still mid orgasm and he pumps, once, twice, and he is coming again. With me. “FUCK Maggie. Jesus fuck!” He’s moaning now, and all of him is spilled in me again.

He collapses on me. Breathing me in at my neck and I have lost all cognitive thought which is why I probably blurted out “I l-liked that….”. As soon as I say it, I stop. Everything, talking, breathing, moving. Oh god. No, no, no, no. I almost didn’t just say that. Did I? Of course I did. He just took to me to a place I have never been before.

He raises his head to meet my eyes. He starts brushing my hair away. He’s not running scared. He’s looking at me. In wonderment.

And before more words are out, he’s kissing me, hard, his hands thrusting in my hair, his answer clear. He doesn’t say anything, but it’s clear he didn’t seem to care that I almost said it way too soon. I kiss him back, matching his passion. When he finally releases me, he sees the tears forming in my eyes. I’m trying to control it but I can’t.

“Shit, Declan I’m sorry. I am, that was just so, something I have never experienced before and I’m…”
He puts his hands over my mouth. He’s looking down at me, his hair all mussed from the shower, then the sex. His green eyes boring into my brown pools of stupid woman emotion. He wipes a tear away with a thumb.

“My dear mag. No. Never apologize. You are simply amazing. What you do to me, make me feel alive. I no longer walk around numb, going through the motions. I no longer feel dead inside. All the things in my past…I go through the day with purpose now.”



You are welcome. Come back again for the next installment.


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