The Parenting Marathon–Stop Raising A@#holes

There is such a thing as too much. Yes. Yes, there is. What are you talking about Mandy? Well, gee, two visitors, let me tell you. Parenting is a marathon. A hard one. The longest one you will ever do. (And, for the record, I don’t run them, because, well, I enjoy food). We allContinue reading “The Parenting Marathon–Stop Raising A@#holes”

“Your Boobs Smell Like Doritos”–Moments in Marriage

Ah. Marriage. It’s not just for ¬†Melanie Griffith and Anton….er. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lac….gah. Celine Dion and Rene Ange….Oh. Wait. He’s dead. He died. My bad Celine baby. You rock widower in Vegas, there, girlfriend.     You get so many damn questions about being married when people think your good at it. ThoseContinue reading ““Your Boobs Smell Like Doritos”–Moments in Marriage”

The ‘Parent Manual’ they forget to give you when you leave the hospital….

How many times have you heard it or said it? “Hey, you know, they don’t give you a manual about parenting….” Toasters. Yes. Tv’s. Yes. Washer/dryer. Yes. Even my curling iron has one. But parents? “Pshhhh. You’ll be fine. Just don’t drop it.” Seems reasonable that they should expect you to use that “intuition” thingContinue reading “The ‘Parent Manual’ they forget to give you when you leave the hospital….”

Highway to Hell (Including a snippet and some rejections!)

Thank you AC/DC for capturing the feelings of me having to keep a schedule and bring my kids back to the world of homework, Home and School meetings, Clarinet practice, purple shirt day, book fairs, and basically anything to separate me from my time and money. I have gotten about 3-4 emails already asking forContinue reading “Highway to Hell (Including a snippet and some rejections!)”